Field Development Benefits
- Hammered subsea piles offer a significant technical advantage over other installation techniques such as jetted or drilled and grouted piles – often 2:1 greater strength for same length pile in typical Gulf of Mexico soils
- This technology now enables the design of foundations, anchors and moorings using hammered piles in moderate to ultra deep water
- Mobilization and offshore deployment is relatively fast, easy and far less expensive when compared to conventional subsea pile driving methods
- Allows much greater range of installation vessels of opportunity and far more schedule flexibility
- Reduces need for large and costly gravity bases
- Reduces size of mud mats – up to 75%

Commercial Benefits
- Two DeepDriver tools deployed on each project with only 2 techs on board
- One small van for storage of spares and maintenance tools
- No winches if crane is capable, no control van
- Minimal space requirement
- Piles deployed as required
- Low overall cost of use
- Low mobilization cost
- Low standby cost
- Easily integrated into multi-task campaign
- Schedule flexibility based on availability of installation vessels of opportunity

Operational Benefits
- Deployed from smaller, less expensive and more readily available vessels with less Persons on Board compared to other methods and technologies
- Powered by a standard work class ROV (150 HP)
- Simple deployment, normally direct from crane
- Eliminates subsea umbilical for hammer, multiple synchronized winches, expensive mobilizations
- Easy integration into normal light construction or IRM activities
- Minimal deck footprint
- Simple ‘drop on’ mobilization