Functional Specifications
Operating Environment Seawater
Maximum Operating Depth 4000 m / 13,500 ft +
Impact Energy 60 kJoules (45 k ft-lb)
Overall Height 7 m / 23 ft
Overall Weight (air) Less than 18 Te / 20 Tons
Pile Capacity Adjustable: 12 in. up to 72 in.+ diameter (up to 100 tons weight)
Construction Open Frame Steel
Powering External from work-class ROV - 125 hp or greater
On-Board Motive Power Double-acting hydraulic cylinder, isolated from ROV hydrauics
Hammer 6.2 Te (7.25 Tons) steel
Hammer Travel 1.5 m (5 ft) maximum (subsea adjustable)
Deployment from Vessel Surface crane or winch (no additional lines or wires)
Pile Acquisition Vertical - lowered from surface or pre-set on seabed
Mobilized Equipment 2 DD tools in cradles with maintenance container and spares
Cradle Footprint Each 8 m x 2 m (26 ft x 6.4 ft) - Pile acquisition skirt may increase width