A breakthrough subsea piling hammer is being developed by DeepDriver LLC, based in Houston, Texas.  This new tool will be capable of operating in water depths of 3000 meters or greater and will take its motive power from nearly any "Work Class" subsea Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), commonly used in offshore working environments.

The DeepDriver technology will allow the use of hard piles in deep water applications as well as reducing the deployment costs for traditional pile driving spreads used in shallower waters.  Applications for DeepDriver services will include:

  • Pipelines - initiations, stabilizations, end terminations
  • Pin Pilings – manifolds and anything with a mud mat – gravity anchored today
  • Well conductors – currently drilled and grouted or jetted in
  • Anchoring and Mooring - of floating structures
  • Soil Sampling

A full sized version of the patented DeepDriver piling tool is expected to be demonstrated offshore in 2017.  After a thorough factory, dockside and offshore testing and run-in program, DeepDriver piling units with trained operating personnel will be offered as a specialty service to support a broad range of marine construction projects on a global basis.